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  • RA Analytics Suite - High-level analytics for Retail Affiliates (RA). Sales and Member trend, Top SKUs, Visit Frequency, etc.
  • Analytics Suite - High-level analytics for Merchandise Business Unit (MBU). Sales and Member trend, Top SKUs, Visit Frequency, etc.
  • Grab Pay Dashboards - Descriptive statistics of Grab Pay transactions within SM Group

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Word Cloud Public

Search for trending topics to view the generated wordcloud images and sentiment analysis from tweets and youtube comments. Insight into the general public's underlying sentiment on the keyword searched with the machine learning powered sentiment analysis.

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Bullseye Login Required

Targeting tool to help you get started on your campaigns based using the power of Universal Customer View. Filter using shopping behavior, payment methods or user demographics (and more filters to come).

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Word Cloud
SKU Analysis Coming Soon

Powered by: Superset

  • SKU In-Depth Analysis - Trend and Association analysis for SKUs.
  • WiFi Usage Heatmap Superset - Map visualization of WiFi usage per SM Mall.

Power BI
Campaign Effectiveness Dashboard Coming Soon

Powered by: PowerBI

  • Campaign Overview - The dashboard shows top-level summary of all campaigns highlighting performances on broadcast delivery, promo take-up, sales contribution and campaign mix.
  • Campaign Analysis - The tool provides in-depth analysis on campaign performance with focus on broadcast value-added and supported by metrics on key campaign drivers. Age group, gender and location breakdowns were also added to show customer response per demographics segment. Daily promo availment trend is overlayed with broadcast blast to provide insights on the best time to broadcast.